Sticky: Turbulence Training Workouts

Below is a couple of Craig’s workout videos I’ve put together for you. Most are just shown as an example of some of the exercises and movements Craig might be using in the Turbulence Training program you choose. They are mostly not follow along workouts, please understand this isn’t what is in the Turbulence Training programs, they are merely here as examples to help you make the right choice.

Sample Workout From The 2K3 Workout Program

Craig Ballantyne shows us one of many routines from the 2K3 muscle building program.

BodyWeight Circuits

Craig Ballantyne discusses and analyzes bodyweight circuits and their importance in a healthy regime.

Total Torso Training

A great superset for core strengthening.

Turbulence Training Switch Workout

Mess up your muscle memory by reversing routine to keep your body guessing.

 Great Ab Workout

Workout B from the Turbulence Training Gauntlet Program will have your abs begging for a break.

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